Department Of Music
University of Delhi
Departmental Journal – Vageeshwari


The vision of Vageeshwari is to encourage qualitative, innovative and collaborative research in music and its allied fields, as also in interdisciplinary areas, and publish research papers with high academic and musical content.


The following are the missions that Vageeshwari endeavours to undertake –

To partner with the global research community to create a conducive environment for publication of quality research papers

To become a global hub for publishing research papers on music of various nations, with special emphasis on classical and folk music

To encourage research focussing more on the primary sources of information

To maintain high standards of ethical research

To have a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of plagiarism, both online and offline

To strictly discourage the use of Wikipedia as a source of information

To encourage the researcher to work on music with other interdisciplinary areas

To play an important role on publishing research papers that focus on music in the tribal areas, in the remote corners of India and abroad, so as to help in their preservation

To focus on innovation and creativity, such as the creation of new compositions, with their critical analysis

To adopt a multi-layer screening process to weed out unscrupulous papers

To follow the Double-Blind process of Peer Reviewing, so as to eliminate any possibility of favouritism or bias

About Vageeshwari

Vageeshwari is the official journal of the Department, which over the past many years has been facilitating quality research. Started in 1986, as part of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the establishment of the Department, the journal has completed a glorious journey of 32 long and musically enriching years. The journal is a treasure house of knowledge, which encourages scholastic outpouring of information and innovative ideas in the field of research in music. It publishes proceedings of the Departmental seminars, as also research papers and articles contributed by eminent musicologists, teachers and research scholars both from the Department and other institutes in India. Vageeshwari is an ISSN numbered journal (0975-7872). A few glimpses of the issues of Vageeshwari that have been published over the years…